JYOTIRLINGA or JYOTIRLINGAM is a devotional ambassador of the supreme god “SHIVA“. Jyoti represent “Radiance” and linga means “Sign or Image” of the lord shiva. Jyotirlinga means Radiant sign or image of lord shiva. There are 12 Jyotirlinga shrines in india. It is believe that lord Shiva partly appear in all these places .

1. SOMNATH in Gir Somnath , GUJARAT

SOMNATH is located in Prabas Patan near the western coast of Gujarat. It is believe to be the FIRST linga among the 12 jyotirlinga shrines in india. Somnath means lord of moon. It is the important pilgrimage and the tourist attraction of Gujarat. Somnath is the place where a strong smell of religion and devotees are around.

The spiritual environment and positiveness in the surrounds has number of temples all around the city. It is situated near beaches , monument and lot more things which make the visit full of devotion.


It’s the second jyotirlinga of 12 jyotirlinga which is located on the southern bank of river krishna in town sirsailam. hindu’s temple dedicated to the lord SHIVA & PARVATI. This temple is called one of the twelve Jyothirlinga’s of Lord Shiva and being the eighteen Shakti Peethas of goddess Parvati. Shiva is worshiped as Mallikarjuna, and is represented via the lingam. In India only 3 temple’s are located which has both Jyotirlinga and Shaktipeeth.


MAHAKALESHWAR temple is one of the jyotirlinga out of 12 jyotirlinga. It is situated on side of holy river SHIPRA. Being one of the most sacred place of pilgrimage of Hindus till date. Inside the cutting-edge and irritating life, the temple maintain to offer site visitor which give one-of-a-kind and fantastic peace and positive energy to life.

The inscriptions of Omkaresvara and Nagachandresvara and photographs of Ganesha, Kartikeya and Parvati. The temple, which is unfold over five ranges, is an essential pilgrim for Hindus. the most beautiful yet the most attractive thing of this temple is the Bhasma-Aarti of the mahakaleshwar is a ritual rite which you should not leave out. Number of shradhalu’s (devotee’s) came here from across the world.

4.OMKARESHWAR in Khandwa,Madhya Pradesh.

It is known as mini Varanasi. Its one of the linga out of 12 jyotirlinga situated in the city khandwa in madhya pradesh. It is on an island referred to as Shivapuri in the Narmada river; the shape of the island is just alike the Hindu Om symbol. As, there are 2 temple of shiva One is Omkareshwar means”Lord of Omkaara ” .Other one is Amreshwar ( which means “Immortal lord” ) located on the south bank of the river narmada.

The complete location is bounded with mountains and it makes a totally scenic beauty which will never ever be forgetting from our mind soul. The view around the island is very relaxing. A Parikrama around the island is taken into consideration to be very precious and religious. Must visit to have the great darshan of bhole nath.


Kedarnath mandir is placed at the garhwal ,Himalayan glacier close to mandakini river. Only the hardest dharshan among the 12 jyotirlinga which is little hard, As it’s one of the Char Dham of hindu’s because of the immoderate weather conditions. the temple is open for 6 months that is from (april to november) In Winter’s, the pindi of bhola bring down from to temple to ukhimath where devotee’s worshiped for the next 6 months.The name derived as the “Lord of kedar khand” because it’s alike the shape of lord shiva and the location name is kedar.

Kedar is other name of Lord Shiva, the protector, and the destroyer, and its believed that a adventure to this sacred land opens up doors to “Moksha” or salvation. The kedarnath temple is situated at the Hight of 3590km above the sea level. Temple witness in lakh’s of devotee’s every year. Contructed by the pandava’s thousand of year ago, built with huge rectangular slab,stones over a large number. people do trekking , hire pithu sawari, horse, with the beutiful scenic beauty as it is cover with mountains long trees and much more things which make the journey worth going.


Bhimashankar is located within the village Bhorgiri in the ghat vicinity of the Sahyadri range. Located on the peak of around 3,250 feet, is cover with mountain and by thick rain forest. It is located near about 100km from pune ans 240km from mumbai(Maharashtra). Being one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of lord shiva.

The name Bhimashankar is originated by the river Bhima which has been evaporated .It is the modest and the graceful temple of ancient time.being the temple of shiva and one of the jyotirlinga it has always being the devotional place with the great attraction.


VARANASI “BHOLE KI NAGRI” ( the city of MAHADEV ). Situated on the bank of holy river Ganga. Etymology of the name Vishveshvara is Vishva: Universe, Isha: Lord; Vara: Excellent method Supreme Lord of the Universe the Parameshwara. Being one of the 12 Jyotirlinga of lord shiva. Do you know, approx. 800kg gold layer is been used to cover the outside and huge number of shivlings are present inside the temple.

The gracious thing about every jyotirling is “ARTI” devotee’s has to attend the great arti which immediately make your soul the most happy to live in this world .There is one wisdom well inside it where every devotee can enter. Camera’s, mobiles and any other devices are prohibited which has to be submit in locker’s outside.


Trimbakeshwar temple is situtated in the district ‘trimbak'( dist. Nashik in Maharashtra). 28 kms from the city nashik and 40 km from main road of nashik. Houses one of the 12 jyotirlinga near the river Godavari. The temple finds its point out within the effective Mrityunjaya Mantra that bestows immortality and durability. Built in 18th century by maratha ruler, Peshwa nana sahib .The temple is the epitome of the classic architecture with royalty in itself.

The charming feature of the jyotirlinga is its 3 phasing symbolization of Lord Bramha, lord Vishnu, lord Rudra. Only male devotee’s are allowed in the “GarbhGirha” of the temple where wearing silk dhoti and sovala is compulsory. Devotee’s may book Pandit’s if they want to do abhishekam. People can skip the queue as VIP entry which cost approx. INR 200.

9.Baidyanath in Deogarh, JHARKHAND

Baidyanath is one of the 12 jyotirlinga in india, being one the sacred abode of Lord shiva. It is also known as the Baba Baidyanath Dham. Located in Deogarh in Santhal Parganas in Jharkhand, India. It is a complex temple which include the main temple of Baba Baidyanath, where the Jyotirlinga is placed, and 21 different temples.The giant temple complicated is a extremely good location to be at, for the tranquillity and peace that it gives. The procession of devotees in the Hindu calendar month of Shravan Mass is mainly remarkable, as devotee’s bring water from the Ganga River in Sultangaj 108 km away, to the temple.

Baba Baidyanath temple has the remarkable history with it. As, this temple is from the the Treta Yuga of Lord Rama or you can say from the time of Ramayana. It is believed that the king of lanka (Ravana) worshipped of shiva at this very site, where temple is currently located. Ravana offered his ten head, as a scarifies to lord shiva. Pleased with this act, Shiva proceeded to fall to the Earth to cure Ravana, who was injured. Since Lord Shiva had acted as a healer, he’s called ‘Vaidhya’.


Nageshvara is the temple situated in Dwarka, city in Gujarat. Being one of the 12 jyotirlinga in india. The giant, lovely and artistic statue of Lord Shiva mesmerizes travelers and pilgrims alike with its aesthetic appeal. The temple is the attraction on the eve of shivratri when devotees turn up in massive numbers.

11. Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwaram , TAMIL NADU

Ramanathaswamy in Rameshwaram island is the town in Tamil Nadu. It is the Bridge On the indian Ocean. According to the hindu mythology, the bridge created by the lord rama to reach sri lanka which is known as “Ram Setu” and rameshwaram is one of the 12 jyotirlinga in india.

The Temple has the longest corridors in the world. Agniteertham is famous for its sacred waters and Pilgrims perform poojas in honour of their ancestors at this seashore. The Five-faced Hanuman Temple holds the floating stone bridge which is made by the stones written SHREE RAM on it.


GRISHNESHWAR Temple also known as DHUSHMESHWAR Temple, is one of the 12 jyotirlinga located in Ellora at Aurangabad. A UNESCO World Heritage Site. This temple is from 13th century it is mentioned in Shiv Purana, which is an vital part in shiva literature , as the 12th place for worshiping lord shiva in the world. Mughals destroy the temple and now it is twice reconstructed.

The temple architecture follows a South Indian Style and said to be one of the holiest locations to go in Aurangabad. Another exciting truth is that this temple is part of the Ellora Caves and is one of the oldest temples of the nation of Maharashtra.


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